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Welcome to Ground Zero

"If you want to feel like you've been for a run, a swim, yoga and weights all in one 60 minute class - then jiu jitsu is for you! You will get fitter and stronger. Meet lots of like minded people, all while learning the ultimate martial art."

What sets us apart from many academies is we teach original Gracie Jiu Jitsu. There is an equal emphasis on self defence, throwing and ground fighting whereas many academies overlook many key aspects of the art and leave their students incomplete. Our first obligation is always to ensure the safety of the student in the real world.

"If you knew you were to get in a street fight and a Jiu Jitsu competition, which would you train for? It's simple: Train for reality, and competition is easy!"

We are the ONLY Gracie Jiu Jitsu academy in the city, so if you want to learn to defend yourself in a clean, friendly and family-like environment there is only one place to train. We have a great bunch of guys and girls of all levels for you to learn and have fun with.

Rob with Coaches
Rob and his Coaches - Royler Gracie & Pedro Sauer

Rob Williams is the only Melbournian awarded his Black Belt by Royler Gracie Black Belt Bruno Panno of Gracie Sydney. Not only has Rob won dozens of State, National, International titles and represented Australia at the World BJJ Championships three times he continues to produce some of the top competitors in the country. He has an intense persona on the mat as he tries to get the best from each student, yet friendly and jovial off it.

"I have known Royler for over ten years now and share his passion and intensity for the art we love so much. He never seems to age, has an incredible work ethic I try to emulate and pass onto my students. He is a great mentor, friend and coach who inspires all around him on and off the mat."


  • ♦ 2011 Silver Medal Victorian State
  • Championships (No Gi)
  • ♦ 2010 Silver Medal Pan Pacific
  • Championships Open Weight
  • ♦ 2007 Victorian State Champion
  • ♦ 2006 NSW State Open Weight Runner Up
  • ♦ 2005 NSW State Open Weight Champion
  • ♦ 2004 NSW State Open Weight Champion
  • ♦ 2003 World Championships Competitor
  • ♦ 2003 NSW Circuit Open Weight Champion
  • ♦ 2002 Gracie Pacific Rim/
  • Hawaii International Champion
  • ♦ Multiple Pan Pacific International
  • Champion
  • ♦ Multiple Victorian State Champion
  • ♦ Australian National Champion 7x
  • New Zealand National Champion